Missing your roommate who was your partner in crime in all the New year’s parties???  The Pandemic has all made us live separately. But the distance of cities can only stop you from meeting your loved ones; it cannot stop you from reaching out to them through gifts.

The previous year has taught all of us the importance of people in our lives and occasions like New year are there to let them know we care about them.  Many websites are available to gift your loved ones even if they are staying in a different city. 

Websites like and so on provide you a wide variety of items to gift and sees that the gift reaches them at their doorstep. These websites provide you real-time images to choose from and then decide which item to gift. They deliver your gift to any city at any time even at midnight.

Am sure whenever you had a party earlier you always cut a cake, so what if you cannot plan a party together with friends and family you can always give them that joy of cutting the cake. Yes send them a cake to their place and let them be a part of your celebration.

Flowers: Gift your loved one’s flowers and wish them a new year. May the new year bring colors and fill fragrances in their lives. Everyone gets a smile on their face when they receive flowers.

Watches: They are loved by all be it, men or women. Gift your loved ones a watch to remember you every time they look at the time. 

Chocolates: No matter what our age is we all get excited when we receive chocolates. Send your near and dear ones a box of chocolates and let them know you care for them.

Conclusion: A gift is not just a commodity it’s a box full of happiness. Spread the love and happiness this year. 

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