Choosing Right Roses for Valentine Day

February is almost upon us and with the coldest month of the year comes the party that celebrates romantic love. If, this year, you want to surprise your sweetheart with a special gift, we recommend that you prepare in time and start thinking about the perfect gift right now. So why not say “I love you” with a bouquet with an unmistakable meaning? On the other hand, giving romantic flowers is a timeless gesture, which takes away the embarrassment of saying the right thing. If you don’t know which ones to choose, we suggest some of different roses for Valentine Day.

Behind a seemingly simple gesture such as giving a rose, there may be a lot of hidden meanings and messages that can make you understand the real intentions of the person who gave them to you. Do you feel anything for yourself? He likes you? Does he consider you just a friend or, again, does he like you so much? Flowers, or rather their color, can help you find out. Roses have always been a symbol of love, but whether it is more about friendship or passion depends on the tone of their color. During the period of Valentine’s Day, bouquets of flowers are wasted (even if this year the cult gift is pink cheese), a gesture that is usually associated with romanticism, but which, in reality, can hide something much more (or even less, unfortunately). Of course, receiving a bouquet of   is always wonderful regardless of their nuance, having said that, however, why not play in advance and discover the secret meanings that hide behind each color, in order to understand what it unconsciously wants to tell you, or what it feels like. Really for you, your him or your her. Who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised!

Are Red Roses The Flowers On Valentine’s Day To Offer To Your Partner?

Valentine’s Day is an ideal occasion to offer flowers to your partner. The bouquet of red roses conveys the promise of infinite and sincere love. Red is the symbol of fiery passion. The rose gives off a delicate scent. Today, the rose continues to be the favorite flower of every romantic person, as it delivers a universal message of passionate love. Dark red roses are a symbol of love, eternal beauty and loyalty, plus their intense hue make them particularly sophisticated and refined. If you receive a bouquet of this type of flowers, you are truly a lucky girl since it is the symbol of the truest and purest love. If you wish, you can always accompany your shipment with a present, for example, champagne or chocolate, to elegantly complete your composition. And to surprise her for sure, consider having your Beautiful Valentines Day Roses Delivery to her home or workplace.

Bright Red

This is the color most used on Valentine’s Day since its intense and bright tone symbolizes the most passionate and passionate love, but also the most romantic, profound, respectful and sincere. Is it better to receive roses of this color or in the darker variant? Difficult to choose, also because both represent Love! This is the best Roses for Valentine Day.

Hot Pink

Super pink roses are a cross between the “mature” passion of red ones and the delicacy of light pink ones. They represent the sweetness of a young love lived with enthusiasm and carefree, as well as enthusiasm and positive, plus they symbolize excitement, the desire to flirt and creativity. If you get them it means your crush is not a trivial person at all, which is never a bad thing.

Pale Pink

If you receive these roses it means that what you are experiencing is a sweet, tender and harmonious love, just like the color of this rose, which evokes grace and kindness. Although they may seem very romantic, they actually have a lower “love percentage” than those mentioned above and, among other things, they also describe a feeling that is not very playful and not very inclined to fun. Yes, here, let’s say that receiving them on Valentine’s Day is not exactly the best of life also because they represent self-love, which means that when your partner bought them he was not thinking of you but … of himself.


This type of flower is quite rare to find (also because it does not exist in nature) and this makes them not only particularly precious, but also very romantic, since to, find them your him (or your her, of course) had to give a lot to do. Lavender-colored roses are perfect to indicate a newly born, magical and unique love story, the kind you only see in certain super romantic films in The Pages of Our Lifestyle.

Light Pink

Light pink-orange roses or coral and peach shades are often associated with more platonic and professional occasions, being used as a kind of thank you. If it is a relationship that has still begun, however, they can indicate a passage, a transition towards something more serious or in any case, two people who are coming into contact more and more, establishing a greater affinity. They depict support, warmth, loyalty and enthusiasm.


Yellow (in the world of flowers) is the color of jealousy par excellence, although in recent years its meaning has changed a bit, making this connotation much more carefree and less oppressive. This shade infuses lightness, cheerfulness and positive energy, plus in addition to a deep affection they can also symbolize friendship and youth.

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