7 Best Ways to Compliment Someone

Everyone likes a compliment and a real and genuine compliment brings a charming smile on the face. A person who wants to compliment should give the compliment in a proper way. If you have felt embarrassed whenever your compliment seemed like a comment then you should read this article on the best ways to compliment someone. You can learn best ways to compliment someone and you can impress someone and win their hearts. Learn some amazing tricks here and get going.

1) Be Authentic and keep things Honest:

Whenever you notice something good in a person then compliment them in a real way. Honesty is the best policy. A honest compliment will always bring a cheerful smile on the person. You have to give an authentic compliment and then it is obvious that you will surely make the person happy.



2) Usage of Adjectives:

Have a good knowledge of adjectives. You can make a list of positive adjectives and you can use these adjectives while complimenting a person. By using some positive adjectives you will definitely bring a gleaming smile to the other person.

Some examples of usage of adjectives can be:

you are amazing, you are special, you are beautiful etc

3) Compliment can be a Motivation tool

A good compliment can act as a motivation tool. You can compliment a person and motivate him. A simple compliment can make the day of the receiver. You can motivate a person by giving a genuine compliment.

4) Complimenting personal traits:

 These compliments are related to the qualities of the person.They acknowledge the behavior and good traits of the person.Complimenting traits of the person will surely boost the confidence of the receiver.Hence compliment the traits of the person honestly.



Some of the examples are:

You have impeccable manners, You‘re so thoughtful, You‘re inspiring etc.

5) Being specific:

 Compliment the person on the clothes they are wearing. You can say that the color of the clothes suits them the best. By complimenting in this manner you will make the day of the receiver cheerful. A compliment will sound genuine if it is specific. Complimenting in this manner will improve the self-esteem of the person.

6) Body Language:

 The positive words should flow easily when you are complimenting someone. Your body should express the same when you are complimenting someone.You should always smile when you are complimenting others. Your body language and your compliment should match.Your compliment should not look fake,it should always look genuine.You should always compliment others freely.Thus your body language is prominent whenever you are complimenting others.



7) Complimenting Appearance:

 These types of compliments can sometimes be problematic as complimenting appearance can come across as flirting and hence these should be sometimes avoided in many business and social contexts. Giving compliment on one’s appearance can be harmful, especially when complimenting on one’s complimenting on shape, or weight etc. While complimenting on appearance you should be a bit careful.

Some of the good examples can be:

You are glowing, You look great today, Your eyes are breathtaking , That color is perfect on you etc.




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