Send love this valentine day

How do you send love to your friends, family, and your partner? The best way to express your love is to gift them something. Do you think sending a gift is a tedious task? Then, read on…

We all have that fear of safety visiting shops, selecting gifts, and going and gifting them. Especially during times like these, we all worry about our health as well as the health of the ones whom we are gifting.

All these problems are solved by websites such as and many more. Where they have a huge range of gift items to select from and they deliver those items at the doorstep of your loved ones, no matter which city they live in.

Next, comes the question of what are the best gift options for this valentine in Mysore? Let us find out a few options for this question.

Flowers: They are the symbol of love. Flowers are an old story but a classic choice. And all classic things are classy. Send flowers to your loved ones.

Chocolates: White chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolates with almonds, raisins, and so on. Gift chocolate just the way they like it.

Games: Let that small child in you come alive, gift them games where they can involve themselves and relax. We all are living in a virtual world. So it becomes important we remove some quality time away from our gadgets. Games are the best way to do this, they refresh our minds.

Watches: Different occasions demand different watches. Simple watch for daily wear, smartwatch for an important meeting and fancy one for a party. So gift a watch this gift never fails.

Cakes: No occasion is complete without a cake. Then why not send a cake to express your love. There are so many flavors to choose from according to your taste.

Conclusion: Pandemic can only hamper your movement but moments like Valentine’s day needs to be celebrated with the same passion.


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Missing your roommate who was your partner in crime in all the New year’s parties???  The Pandemic has all made us live separately. But the distance of cities can only stop you from meeting your loved ones; it cannot stop you from reaching out to them through gifts.

The previous year has taught all of us the importance of people in our lives and occasions like New year are there to let them know we care about them.  Many websites are available to gift your loved ones even if they are staying in a different city. 

Websites like and so on provide you a wide variety of items to gift and sees that the gift reaches them at their doorstep. These websites provide you real-time images to choose from and then decide which item to gift. They deliver your gift to any city at any time even at midnight.

Am sure whenever you had a party earlier you always cut a cake, so what if you cannot plan a party together with friends and family you can always give them that joy of cutting the cake. Yes send them a cake to their place and let them be a part of your celebration.

Flowers: Gift your loved one’s flowers and wish them a new year. May the new year bring colors and fill fragrances in their lives. Everyone gets a smile on their face when they receive flowers.

Watches: They are loved by all be it, men or women. Gift your loved ones a watch to remember you every time they look at the time. 

Chocolates: No matter what our age is we all get excited when we receive chocolates. Send your near and dear ones a box of chocolates and let them know you care for them.

Conclusion: A gift is not just a commodity it’s a box full of happiness. Spread the love and happiness this year. 

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Tale Of Valentine’s Day In The 19th Century

Many people have the wrong perception that the valentine’s day has started in the recent days…! But, the fact is, it had begun in the Victorian Era. Remembrance of st. valentine’s day has a long history.

In the middle ages, there was a tradition to choose a partner on this specific day of st. valentine and it was believed that on this day birds will mate. In the 1800s, the stories of st. valentine’s day reached even to Rome and since, from centuries people are observing the st. valentine’s day.

A popular diarist from London i.e., Samuel Pepys said that in the mid of 1600s the valentine’s day used to celebrate in a grand manner among the rich families by exchanging the gifts.   

On this day, writing the letter and notes to their partner had become popular in the 1700s. At that time there was a handwritten on the ordinary paper but, in the current day’s there are valentine cards or greeting cards to wish their loved one.

Papers fabricated exclusively for valentine’s day started to began in the 1820s and they were popular in both Britain and the United States. In the 1840s, the postal rates were standardized in Britain, during that time the popularity of the valentine cards was boosted. The design of the papers was unique and colorful.

According to history, when a woman in Massachusetts received an English valentine that led to the beginning of the American Valentine industry. Esther A. Howland, a student from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts started to make the valentine cards. Meanwhile, her father had owned a stationery shop where she used to sell.

The business became successful and she hired the friends to help her in making the cards. The universe witnessed the major change in 1865 after the end of the civil war. The people of new york have mailed more than 66,000 and 86,000 valentines in 1865 and 1866 respectively.

The tradition of sending valentine’s card has emerged as the major business. In February 1867, the New York Times disclosed that some New Yorkers spend an enormous amount on the celebration of valentine’s day.

In 1860, valentine’s day had attracted a mass audience. Many jokes were fabricated in the 1800s on the celebration of valentine’s day. The British Post Office has clearly mentioned that the celebration of valentine’s day is increasing on a large scale.

There is a record that in 1836 more than 60,000 valentines were sent throughout England. After the launch of the Uniform Penny Post, 4,00,000 valentines had posted throughout England in 1841. This surge in numbers resulted in the special allowance for the postmen to keep themselves energetic.

If you mourn for the commercial racket on the valentine’s day then blame the Victorians. Meanwhile, if you feel happy to share the love and affection with your loved one then do not forget to praise Victorians. 


I hope that you all have enjoyed this short valentine’s day post. For the folks, who were enthusiast to know the story of valentine’s day in the 19th century, have got an opportunity to know many things. Finally, I thank you all and Happy Valentine’s Day…!

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What Are Some Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?

Oh…! I hope you are eagerly waiting for the day of love birds. Are you in a state of confusion while choosing the gifts for your loved once? No need to worry, you will be clear with all the confusion after reading this article completely.

During Valentine’s day, the gifts are the secondary object but the prime thing is the way of presentation. This is the lone day for lovers across the globe to celebrate their day with unique gifts. Irrespective of the gender I would like to mention some of the excellent ideas for Valentine’s day.

  • Weekend trip
    Probably, your partner may be thinking about some gift wrap and you can give a surprise by informing a weekend trip. There are many tourism centers to visit and celebrate the day.
  • Recreate your first visit
    Are you feeling weird by listening to this…? Probably, you might be but it is very interesting. This is an opportunity to remember the past and enjoy. Recreating the first day is the optimal way to celebrate your rapport with your partner.
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